Premier Tipster, the home of Goalstradamus and Accumul8 was formed, officially, in 2005 but it was around the late 90's that the foundations were laid.
If you're interested in understanding a little bit more of how some innocent football punters got carried away and created the concepts hosted here at then here it is.

A group of close friends and family exchanged hard luck stories regarding their weekly accumulators at the local bookies. The most common complaint was "one team let me down for £££'s" and as time went on one of the group, who will remain nameless, suggested that they all work together to get one over the bookies.

Each member of, what became known as, 'the syndicate' was allocated a division from which and they had to make one prediction each week. Each member then shared their selection, via text message, with the rest of 'the syndicate' to create an accumulator. The thought process was that everyone could, surely, get one right every week. Each member was then left to their own devices as to how much money they wanted to spend in backing this sure thing accumulator.

Over the course of two entire seasons the syndicate generated total winnings of zero pounds sterling. It didn't matter if they swapped divisions or, as in the second season, had free rein over all divisions; at least one member of the group – not always the same person – let them down! On the plus side it fuelled some witty banter over text and email each week.

After two fruitless seasons the syndicate decided that trusting each other wasn't working and flipped it into a competition on who could get the most correct predictions over the course of the season with a prize at the end for the winner.

This proved somewhat more fruitful but still not a single winning accumulator over the course of the season and a flaw developed; everyone was backing the heavy favourites. There was no skill in this format! The group, one individual in the group – still nameless, decided to up the anti and add a skill element. The points system was created, with points scored for a correct prediction, reflecting the difficulty or skill in making the selection. Points available would be derived from the odds on offer at the bookies! The competition to find the 'Premier Tipster in the group was underway!

Year after year more and more people wanted to play and the numbers grew quickly. It was then decided that the syndicate should take the game to the masses. During this process Goalstradamus was born to create an online personality that stands out in the football market. In particularly the mini league area of the site was created to mirror 'the syndicates' experience; compete with your friends/family/colleagues while being able to engage in banter in an uncensored forum.

Five years on and with new games to be released, endorsement from a Spurs legend in Ricky Villa and a new website, Goalstradamus now has a new home and is accompanied by Mini Goalstradamus (a shorter version of Goalstradamus) and Accumul8.

Accumul8 follows the points format used in Goalstradamus but now you can make 8 predictions, weekly. A minimum of 6 out of 8 is required in order to compete for the weekly cash prize. Again, this is off the back of the two baron years the syndicate experienced but in this version you are allowed to get two wrong and you are competing with your peers and not the bookie.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing and contributing to the next chapter in the life of

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