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Last Man StandingLast Man Standing

Last Man Standing Rules


1)     Entry is £10.00 per entry (£9 towards prize fund & £1 towards admin).

2)     Please select a team to WIN their fixture.

3)     Once a team has been selected, it may NOT be selected again, unless the competition extends beyond 20 weeks (each cycle tends to last circa 8/9 weeks)

4)     If a fixture is postponed due to the weather etc, after the selections have been posted, then in true 1970’s style, the pools panel result will be taken.

5)     Each fixture is available up until the kick off time.

6)     If a prediction is not submitted in time you will be allocated a default selection. The defualt selection will be the most common selection that you have not already used.


If you are wrong, you are eliminated from the game.

If you're right you proceed to the next round but the teams you have selected thus far will unavailable for selection.

The game ends when the last man is standing. It is possible to have multiple winners if all remaining players are wrong in the same round. In this scenario the pot will be shared equally.

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